How lucky are the students at Ohio State University? Not only do they have a great football team most years, but now they have even greater vending machines. They even have one that sells bacon!!! That's right for just one dollar you can get bacon from a vending machine! How cool would that be if it were in Jersey?? Then again in Jersey, I'm guessing we would prefer pork roll? If I were to ask you what you'd like from a New Jersey vending machine, what would you want? Actually I did and here's what you'd like...


Kathleen Devita: "Pork roll / salt water Taffy"

Scott Helmus: "Seeing how NJ is doing the right thing and moving to legal recreational marijuana, perhaps joints, edibles, etc etc..."

That would definitely keep the vending machine in business!

Michael Felici: "Fresh Atlantic City Rolls"

Chris Eastburn: "Springsteen Tickets...If only..."

Chris McKelvey: "Pork Roll and cheese!"

Teddy Maturo: "Tomato, eggplant, corn, blueberry combo basket...I'm making this three items"

Steven Feldman: "Jughandle JUJUBES!!! ...Nice marketing!"

Garth H. Raymond: "A refund"

Ed Rufolo: "Paul Venier box set." Hey! Are you sure you're not Paul Venier??

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