In case you haven't noticed, a couple isn't a couple anymore without a #hashtag.

When you announce your wedding, or share anything having to do with your wedding on social media, it's now imperative that your coupling is somehow commemorated with an oh-so-cutesy title like #TeamThompson or #OnCloudStein or #WedLongAndProsper.

There are even wedding hashtag generators online for the less imaginative of us. It's almost as if a couple's bad luck is sealed if they don't come up with a catchy, clever hashtag.

So when a New Jersey man called on Friday to tell us about his long and successful marriage to a woman who he met and married while she was (and still is) on death row for killing her first husband, our heads were spinning with great civilian/felon union hashtags, like...

  • #BallAndChain
  • #LockItUp
  • #LoveBirdsJailBirds
  • #LockedUpAndLockedUp
  • #LocksOfLove
  • #LockupHookup
  • #TillDeathRowDoUsPart
  • #FelonFealty
  • #WeLinkedInTheClink
  • #PokeyPartners

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