Do you or your children use the popular photo sharing app Snapchat? If so, I suggest you delete it from your iPhone or Android immediately.

Snapchat is advertised as an app that allows you to send photos (and now videos) to other users for a very short amount of time. You can have the picture last on your friend's screen for up to ten seconds. After time runs out, the photo is supposedly banished from the Earth forever. The easy way around this is to screenshot the image, but if you do, the sender is notified about it. This has led many users to use it as a new, quicker form of sexting.

A few weeks ago, it was learned that there is in fact a way to see photos after the time has expired. You might need to be really good with computers, or maybe even a forensics expert for now, but it's only a matter of time before a tech blogger simplifies the process enough for everyone to figure it out.

If that isn't enough for you to get rid of this app for good, there is now a website dedicated to posting nude and/or embarrassing Snapchats usually posted as a prank or by an angry ex. It's called (NSFW).

According to Metro,

Snapchat Leaked claims to ‘show those snaps that don’t want to be seen’ and has begun posting images on Facebook and Twitter, mostly of boobs, bums and other body parts.

The page has attracted 534,000 Likes in just 20 hours, encouraging fans to submit their own surreptitiously obtained pictures.

Some followers have criticized the page and warned that it could face legal action, while others have used it simply as an opportunity to critique the various naked bodies.

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