I never thought years ago when I was in the real estate and political business I'd be hosting music shows, let alone comedy shows.

Maybe you've thought the same thing, sitting at your corporate job, wondering how you get a break to get out of the rut and into a career in entertainment. Are you funny? Are you the one-liner guy at parties? Why not take a shot at making an audience laugh?

Worst case, you can always say you did stand up at a premiere club.

Your opportunity is coming on Tuesday, Jan. 14th. My #SpeakingComedy team with Jay Black, Jessica Gibson and Troy Moore will be hosting another round of #MakeJessicaLaugh. Each contestant will have three minutes to make the judges laugh. The best audience reaction wins a slot at our shows the following weekend.

All this is happening at the Comedy Cove in Springfield. All ya gotta do is send a quick video. Just do a selfie on your phone and email it to JessicaNuttMedia@gmail.com If she laughs, she'll reach out and invite you to compete.

Good luck!

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