The corrupt deal that amounted to a trade of public money in the form of salary hikes for public employees already making six figures, for the private gain of Gov. Chris Christie fell apart Monday evening.

The leadership in both parties failed to convince enough legislators to commit to a yes vote effectively killing the measure that would have let Christie profit from a book deal, in exchange for more money for legislators' staffs and other public employees.

Thousands of people called, emailed, direct messaged and posted to social media in a massive push back from voters.

The two biggest losers in this are Christie, who will now have to wait untill he's out of office to add to his fortune, and Assembly GOP leader Jon Bramnick, who failed to rally his GOP caucus in favor of the governor's deal. The big winners are Democratic Sen. Ray Lesniak and GOPers Doherty, Beck and Bateman. All spoke out early and loudly against the money grab.

Here was my take on Facebook Live immediately after the news broke:

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