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This week's main topic is our frustration with the NJ GOP Senators who sided with the Sweeney/Murphy big spenders to dramatically increase state spending.

What's really unfortunate is the budget not only increases overall spending, but you are now gonna pay for illegal aliens to have legal assistance fighting lawful deportation orders. This amidst the backdrop of the AG's decision to bar local law enforcement from cooperating with Immigration and Customs enforcement.

Think about that for a moment.

NJ Government is actively fighting our own federal government as brave ICE agents attempt to apprehend criminals living among us. Beyond that, the trickery in the budget, which separated out certain spending items to allow the seven GOP Senators to vote 'NO' for campaign purposes, while still supporting a spending budget that will eventually lead to higher taxes.

You can help. Time to change the majority in Trenton. You'll have your chance in November this year when all 80 members are up for election.

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