If you’ve always wanted to own your own private island but didn’t want to leave New Jersey, I have good news. As reported in the New York Post, for a mere $200,000 you can buy an island off the coast near Wildwood.

Apparently there is a website just for people who want to buy private islands, PrivateIslandsonline.com, and it has the listing, which you can see in full here. The description of the property points out that taxes are a mere $360 per year, but that the island is only three feet above sea level, so if you want to build on the undeveloped island, you’ll have to raise the island.

The 19 acre island is in Grassy Sound off of West Wildwood. It is 15 minutes north of Cape May and 45 minutes south of AC. It is called, appropriately, No Man’s Island. The purchase can be owner financed with 15% down; the listing boasts you could own your island for $1000 a month. The listing also mentions Wildwood’s doo-wop heritage for some reason; I don’t know why that would make you want to buy an island.

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