This is unfortunately what comes with freedom of speech. You have to take the good with the bad. No, strike that. You have to take the good with the outright moronic.

The last time I wrote about this sort of thing it was over a drink concoction that could damage your digestive tract. This time it’s about something that could lead to criminal charges or worse for your kid.

The "Kia Challenge" is now the rage on TikTok. This is where people are encouraged to see if they can start a Kia using a USB cable. It started when user @robbierayyy demonstrated how to do this. Others latched on to his video but with the challenge to see if you can do it yourself.

Which, of course, if it’s not your own Kia, leads to vandalism. And theft. And it’s already been happening.

When a dumb, impressionable teenager goes so far as to get some stranger’s Kia started, what do you think he might do next? Yes, drive off with it.

Now you’re talking auto theft and God forbid a police chase if the kid panics. So what can you do?

You need to start reporting them if you see dangerous challenge videos like these on your kids’ phones. Especially when they’re so obviously encouraging illegal activity.


On TikTok to the side of the video will be a white arrow. Tap that then look for the white flag that says report. Hit that and under reasons select “illegal activity.” Parents need to start doing this. Be uncool. You might save a dumb kid’s life. And really there’s nothing uncool about that.

Here’s a look at past dangerous challenges on social media.

Dumb and Dangerous Internet Challenges

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