Fifty-three years ago, the nation was brought to its knees when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Kennedy, in his generation, was a man's man. He came from a rich family, was a war hero whose military decorations and awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Medal and a Purple Heart Medal. In fact, his navy career was documented in the movie "PT 109." He was also a ladies man, both in and out of marriage. That career has also been well documented.

The reason I bring up documentation is that what Kennedy didn't have when he barely bested Richard Nixon in 1960 was the internet. That 24-hour look into every move he ever made would have been told by the tabloids and discussed by talk radio, if both had also existed then. Could the 35th President of the United States have survived such scrutiny and still been elected?

We just saw Donald Trump survive an attack on his past transgressions by his opponent and still come out on top. But the times were a lot different in 1960, and Kennedy was arguably a lot wilder with the ladies — not to mention, his family had connections to organized crime.

The question probably comes down to what it does today: are people voting for the person's past or the job they think they will do? What do you think?

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