Authorities say Tonya Fea is the woman who drowned a 10-week-old golden retriever by weighing down a cage and placing it in a Passaic County pond to sink. The story she allegedly told police is one for the record books.

She told authorities while she did indeed put the dog in the cage, the dog was already dead when she did so, according to police.

All that police are telling us now puts to rest the theory that the puppy may have belonged to someone else, like an ex, and that it was some twisted act of revenge. A local veterinary office says Tonya Fea was a longtime client. They said she had an appointment for the dog the very day it drowned. They say she never showed up for her appointment. Nor did she contact them to cancel, according to the vet.

When cops caught up with her it was in the driveway of her home. First she denied even having a puppy, reports police records saying. Then she denied having made an appointment for the puppy at the West Milford Animal Hospital, police reported.

Then this from the affidavit of probable cause, as also reported by "After being confronted with the facts, Tony admitted to submerging the Golden Retriever puppy in the crate with the glass bowl in Greenwood Pond although she stated the dog was deceased at the time."

A necropsy was done on the dog and it found the dog died of asphyxia due to immersion in water, according to police.

Nice try, Tonya. We'll see how this sad story holds up in court. Think about it. You have a 10-week-old puppy who dies through no fault of your own and what is the best thing to do with the body? Put it in a cage, weigh the cage down with something heavy, take it to a pond and sink it? How stupid does Tonya Fea think we all are? It's bad enough to think about the psychotic act she's accused of; it's a case that gained the wrath of much of New Jersey. Now this ridiculous denial? If you didn't think she deserves the maximum jail time upon conviction this ought to convince you.

We need harsher penalties. Animal cruelty can get you 6 months in jail. Aggravated animal cruelty can get you 18 months. State Sen. Declan O'Scanlon was on our show a few months ago pushing his legislation for tougher consequences. He wants to make aggravated animal abuse a 2nd degree crime with a maximum of 10 years. Is there anyone in Jersey who thinks this woman deserves less if convicted?

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