It's called grounding or earthing, and yes, it's good for you.

Spadea standing barefoot outside the studio
Spadea standing barefoot outside the studio

Some medical journals are writing about the health benefits of connecting with the electrons on the earth's surface in order to reduce pain and get a better night's sleep.

Several other holistic journals discuss the benefits of taking a barefoot walk every day.

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Giulio Del Prete via Unsplash
Giulio Del Prete via Unsplash

Here are just a few of the mentioned benefits:


Defuse the cause of inflammation, and improve or eliminate the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders

Reduce or eliminate chronic pain

Improve Sleep and promote a deeper sleep

Increase energy and vitality

Lower stress and promote calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones

Normalize the body's biological rhythms

Thin the blood and improve blood pressure and flow

Relieve muscle tension and headaches

Lessen hormonal and menstrual symptoms

Dramatically speeds healing time and can help prevent bedsores

Reduce or eliminate jet lag

The question shouldn't be why I'm standing outside without shoes or socks, but when will you start doing it?

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