It's more than the poor 'optics' hiring a chef for events at the official Governor's residence at Drumthwacket for nearly double the salary of the last chef. The out-of-touch Governor and his wife, accustomed to a multi-million dollar lifestyle way above what working and middle class New Jerseyans will ever experience, are spending taxpayer money at a reckless and dangerous pace. Last year they spent nearly a million bucks to renovate the outdated monstrosity.

All this while average people are struggling to afford to stay in NJ. Forget the chef, more importantly, there's the giveaway to illegals for free college, legal aid and the obstruction to the federal government's lawful activities.

For the past few months, I've been talking about ways to fix New Jersey and take back our state for average working people. Today's policy plan, which I'd do on day one, is to sell the Governor's mansion outright. Why are taxpayers subsidizing a huge mansion, that the Governor doesn't even live in, which is unnecessary and antiquated? Think about the cost of maintaining the old building? The HVAC, grounds, maintenance, security and every other issue that goes along with maintaining a mansion. Think of the lost revenue to the town, which has continued to raise taxes over the years, further burdening average families.

Drumthwacket should be sold. It should be a revenue generator, probably would make a great Bed & Breakfast, boutique hotel or a private residence, even and Airbnb. Monetizing the Governor's state owned properties isn't a new idea, I've had this conversation before!  My thinking has evolved to a complete sale of the properties to turn them into ratables for the local towns and tax revenue for the state if they are converted into commercial properties.

Either way, there is absolutely no reason for us to continue to maintain and pay for an outdated building and idea of the Governor having a mansion. While we're at it, time to sell the Governor's Jersey Shore house too.

You get elected Governor, stay home and you still get a trooper to drive you into work every day. On that note, the Governor isn't the President. One trooper driving an SUV without the Christie-era motorcades will suffice.

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