The debate was a fiery conversation for sure. Here’s my quick take. President Trump was mad. Trump was frustrated. Trump was debating moderator Chris Wallace and some of the time his actual opponent, Joe Biden.

Trump made it clear that he is not going to pursue any policy which slows down our economic recovery. He made it clear that he was not going to entertain another lockdown. He made it clear that he knows it was domestic terrorism and total mismanagement of our natural resources fueling the fires in California. The only thing Trump did wrong in my opinion was he interrupted Biden a few too many times, especially when the former VP was losing his place and stumbling and fumbling over his words.

Biden showed that he is not up to the task of being president. He lacks physical stamina. The debate was only 90 minutes and he’s been off the trail for days to prep. No excuse for his sluggish and sleepy performance toward the end. He lacks the mental capacity. Losing his place and getting confused seems to be the norm not the exception with him. But the real bottom line is in the issues.

For me, I like Trump's brash, aggressive style. I like a fighter willing to go to the mat for us. Who speaks for cops, teachers, truck drivers, moms and dads, small business owners, restaurant workers, miners, farmers and everything in between? In my opinion, only Donald Trump has a serious plan to represent your interests and take this country back to the free and prosperous place it was before the panicked shutdown that has adversely impacted Blue states more than Red ones. Biden couldn’t even say “law enforcement” let alone articulate a position in favor of the men and women in Blue. Biden is beholden to radical special interests who are willing to place violent movements like #BlackLivesMatter and domestic terrorists like ANTIFA on an equal footing to law enforcement.

Biden is willing to see your fuel costs go up and raise your taxes in the quixotic pursuit of some version of the “Green New Deal.” As far as the criticism of Trump’s style? Personally, I live it. Growing up in an Italian family, we fought over dinner constantly. Loudest one wins! Actually I was reminded of my roots after seeing a tweet from International Editor Frances Martel:

My question for you is do you agree with my take? Have you changed your mind? Or do you just ignore al the media noise?

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