I've got a great idea for a Jersey video game. It's called "Deer Crossing" and here's how it works. You try to maneuver your car down Rt. 524 or the road of your choice while deer lie in the woods waiting to take you and your nice shiny vehicle out. It happened to me again last night, guess where?

While driving home from doing my show on New Jersey 101.5 around 11:45pm, I'm doing the speed limit (which I always do for the sake of this article) on 524, when suddenly out of nowhere I see this deer on the road about to run in front of my car.

Now I'm usually pretty good at spotting deer crossings and when I see them, I wait until they've all crossed the road, but this one was different. He had this look on his face, not so much like deer in the headlights, but "I'm gonna get you sucka" and he tried to make a break for it, running in front of my car.

Seeing this, I hit the breaks and swerve in his path causing him to only hit my right fender. I didn't even run over him it was more like I, "car checked" him. When I circled back to see, he was gone. I'm guessing he was probably laughing and "high-fiving" the other deer. Meanwhile my fender's crushed and I can only imagine what it's going to cost.

While I may not know the cost, I do know the score. Deer 1 Trev 0.

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