A new AAA report that says millennials top the list of worst-behaved drivers. Stats include 50% admitting to running a red light in the past 30 days. Nearly 60% admitting to texting while driving. You can read more about the report here.

I'd still take my chances sharing the road next to a 24 year old driver over an 84 year old driver. Also remember this is self-reporting. Are younger drivers really so much worse than others? Or because of youth just care less what people think of them and therefore are more honest than other age groups? I've seen plenty of middle-aged drivers texting.

All this brings up the question... who really is the worst type of driver in NJ? We asked our listeners on Thursday's show to call in and be as specific as they wanted to be.

Here are some of the answers we got:

  • Nicki, a black woman herself, says no other black women drive well
  • Patricia thinks it anyone driving a Nissan.
  • Durim says you're taking your life in your hands with any Lakewood driver.
  • Clay says it's the slowpoke on one lane roads.
  • Rachael thinks it's all Pennsylvania, New York, and Asian drivers.
  • Johnny believes white guys in pickup trucks are the worst drivers in Jersey.
  • Jennifer says it's New Yorkers.
  • Jay called to say off duty cops drive arrogantly and make the worst drivers.
  • Christie feels it's Indian drivers.
  • Shane swears it's Mustang drivers.
  • Bill agrees with all of the categories above but adds that on a full moon people drive even worse.
  • And finally Bob says...anyone with a car.

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