I've told this story on-air on New Jersey 101.5, and on "The Night Shift with Craig Allen"...but haven't written about it, til now.

So, it's 1988, and Corey Hart is in Trenton to support his latest hit.

"In Your Soul" radio promo, 1988. (Craig Allen photo).

I'm working at WPST (now, New Jersey 101.5's "sister station), and Trish is taking Corey Hart around the building to meet everyone.

My conversation, in the hallway, goes something like this:

Me:  "How's it going?"

Corey Hart:  "Good."

Me:  "I really Like 'In Your Soul,' and 'Sunglasses at Night'...of course."

Corey Hart:  "Thanks."

Corey Hart...a man of few words, but big hits.

Thinking back, I'm sure that his being at PST was just one stop along the way, on a very long day, for Corey Hart.

But, wait...there's more.

About 20 minutes later, Trish comes running into my studio:

"Craig...Craig...Corey Hart kissed my hand."

She holds out her hand for me to see, insisting: "I am NEVER going to wash this hand again."

Wanna do an "over-under" on how long that promise lasted?

Radio-only promotional vinyl single, from my collection. (Craig Allen photo).

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