You know what they say, when in doubt, draft a bill. Well, they may not ACTUALLY say that but that’s what I’m saying that they say.

Ian Waldie Getty Images News
Ian Waldie Getty Images News


Fresh on the heels of West Morris Mendham High School teacher Nicole McDonough accused of sexual relations with an 18-year-old student, comes a bill drafted by Assemblyman Reed Gusciora that would allow New Jersey teachers to be charged  for engaging in a sexual act with a student regardless of age.

Gusciora was once called a “numbnuts” by Governor Christie and in this case I couldn’t agree more. I’m looking at it from the side of the student. When you’re eighteen years old, you are an adult capable of making your own decisions. If you decide to have sex with a teacher, that’s up to you.

As for the court of public opinion, think what you want. If you want to put it in the next teachers union contract that they could be terminated regardless of tenure for having sex with a student, fine, but to make it against the law for two consenting adults to have sex in New Jersey or anywhere else in my opinion is just wrong. How do you feel about the bill?

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