I had the opportunity this morning to talk about Governor Christie's school funding plan today. While I'm in support of the plan for the most part, some of the numbers are staggering and it shows exactly why we need change.

You spend over $30K per student in Newark and they have one of the worst graduation rates in the state. The entire idea of public education is to ensure that all students get an education.

Personally I don't think that NJ teachers are paid nearly enough. There are teachers struggling to make ends meet. There are ways to change this. I used the teachers in Wisconsin as an example.

Along changes to the benefits and the pensions, instead of having all the teachers subscribe to the same platinum health benefits plan, let teachers adjust their health plans based on their income. Let the teachers make their decisions based on their salary.

We have a grossly unfair system and it needs to change.

Listen to my full rant on today's #TheDailyPoint above.

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