Some of the names for grandma and grandpa in other languages have carried over to the shores of our country and they seem more like to stick here in the northeast and especially New Jersey. Different parts of the country and even different parts of our state seem to have common trends when it comes to what we call our grandparents. We spotted a thread on Reddit and decided to take a poll here in New Jersey to see what is most common.

The answer is that is varies widely, not necessarily based on region of the state, but sometimes based on ethnic background and sometimes based on a kid not being able to pronounce a name. The most common for most of New Jersey seemed to be Mom mom and Pop pop. It's a very personal choice with no rules whatsoever. Here's some of the responses we got. Some of these are spelled phonetically for ease of understanding. Don't get your ethnic panties in a bunch....

  • Mimi, Poppy
  • Grandma, Jiddoh (Arabic)
  • Gram, Pop pop
  • Goji, Poppi
  • Grandmother, Grandfather (Princeton)
  • G'ma, G'pop (Trenton)
  • Mommy Grace, Big Joe (no not him)
  • Yaya, Popou (Greek)
  • Bobcha, Dziadek (Polish)
  • Shawnma Seanmhair, Shawnpa (Irish)
  • Bahbu, Zady (Yiddish-ish)
  • Mima, Pop pop
  • Grammy, Nonni (Italian-ish)

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