New Jersey has spent over twenty million dollars in advertising trying to get you to “Do AC”.  The ads tout all that there is to do, including new casinos like Revel, the brand new Margaritaville and even a boardwalk light  show, They even talk about surfing! But the one thing they don’t mention that I think would be a HUGE selling point, the free beaches.


Atlantic City's Steel Pier
Atlantic City's Steel Pier (Facebook)

At a time when New Jersey lawmakers would like to see beach tags fees removed, why not take advantage of the God-given selling point that’s staring you right in the face, or at very least, on your bare feet?

The fact that anyone, regardless of whether they have any money to spend at a casino, can enjoy a day at the beach and not have to pay through the nose for it, could be a great way to get people down there to spend their money on other things.


The casino revenues are down in May, but not by as much . The city's casinos won more than $253.1 million last month, down 3.8 percent compared with a year ago. The figure is far less than the double-digit declines the casinos registered in the first four months of this year.

Perhaps if they just marketed to people to simply go to the beach, they rest of the spending could take care of itself.  What do you think? What would it take to get you to “Do AC”? Discuss in the comment section below.

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