Appearing on the Sunday morning show "This Week" with ABC's Martha Raddatz, Governor Murphy said "the next number of weeks are going to be hell, I fear." What exactly is he referring to? Does anyone remember back in April when leaders were telling us the next few ensuing weeks would be our Pearl Harbor and 9/11. For sure there were cases and fatalities, but not on the scale they warned us about.

So, what is the "hell" we are going to experience? What exactly does he know that we should be aware of? Or is it just the typical fear mongering that we've become accustomed to? No one seemed to press him on that little proclamation of the impending "hell" we are facing in the coming weeks. Have we become so used to the alarmist tactics that the public just swallows it down and cowers in their homes? Well yes, for many that's exactly what they compliantly do.

Maybe we've all become numb to the governor and other leaders crying "wolf" for nine months, that nobody pays attention to a dire warning like this. Bars are closed, restaurants severely restricted, indoor sports are canceled, school shut down or seriously limited. Now he wants you to avoid your family and friends around the holidays. He warned you not to have a normal Thanksgiving, predicting it would bring catastrophe, which hasn't materialized. The COVID-19 mortality rate is down 75% since April in our state.

How about spreading the good news, Governor? It's not your job to keep everyone from getting a virus. It's your job to uphold the Constitution and protect our liberty and our rights, but not to play nanny/doctor to the nearly 9 million people who live and pay high taxes here. Stay in your lane, Phil, and maybe next year we can get you to stay in your $10 million mansion and let us live life...with all its risks and rewards.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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