It's getting colder, yet you still see them outside.

How many times have you come across homeless people begging either on the streets or at city intersections? Do you wonder if you give them money whether they will actually feed themselves or use it to support their addiction? There are other ways you can help these people.

Caroline Scherrer, co-founder for People For The Poor, whose mission is to financially assist the homeless shelters and soup kitchens of Atlantic, Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland and Burlington Counties says one easy thing you can carry that would really help the homeless are socks.

Another suggestion from Scherrer: "When you go to the dentist, they always give you that package with toothpaste and all kinds of stuff, hand it to them." They appreciate that so much. In fact, Caroline says "It's better than a buck because this way it will last them." In fact, she says she gave one to a man begging in a wheelchair and it put the "biggest smile on his face."

How many of us have socks that we've either outgrown or can't find the mates? These are just some of the things you can give the homeless New Jerseyans that will allow you to help without feeling like maybe you're contributing to an addiction.

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