I want to be brave. I want to live my life and I don’t want to let the terrorists win. But every time, every bombing, every stabbing, every attack erodes a little faith in our government’s ability to do anything about it.

So I worry.

I do consider changing my route, my routine, my schedule. I think of going a little earlier than rush hour, taking the crossing that no one usually takes, avoiding the crowd. But there really is no planning, no vigilance that can stop these ruthless people--no, these animals--from trying to kill us and destroy western civilization as we know it.

Is there a solution? Do we stem the tide of foreigners coming into the us? Do we torture and interrogate current prisoners? Do we arm our citizens?

No one knows, but one thing is for sure. We gotta get tough.

The "pansy-fying" of this country has got to stop. Political correctness is the fuel that feeds this fire. It's the best weapon our enemies have. It undermines our country’s inherent strength. It damages the perception the rest of the world has of us. It makes us look silly and obtuse.

If someone at the airport looks like he may be a terrorist, because of the way he looks, sounds or smells, he should be asked questions. A lot of them. Would you mind being asked if you had nothing to hide?

If a group is bent on our destruction, it should be named and exposed. Would you mind that if you had nothing to hide?

If you dislike a group because you don’t like the way its members look, sound or smell, you should be allowed to have that opinion. Would you care if someone disliked you or your group for some arbitrary reason? Well here’s a newsflash: Someone DOES dislike you and perhaps the group you belong to.

And it may be for no “good reason”. It may not feel great. But the ability to accept that fact is what makes you a grown up. Let me say it again: What we as Americans need to do to regain our footing and our elevated status in the global theatre is to accept that fact!

We need to stop trying to pretend that we’re all the same and all must love and respect each other at all costs and not hurt anyone’s feelings in the process. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, this is the only thing that could possibly save us all.

The fact that our founding fathers didn’t give a rats behind what anyone else in the world thought of them and our brand new bouncing baby-country is why we are the greatest country in the world. Can we please try to keep it that way? Until then, I’ll just adjust my schedule to travel before or after rush hour.

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