If you live in a parts of South Jersey you know about a product that is only found in your neck of the woods, but Dennis and Judi think it is time that the rest of NJ should know about it as well.

Chris Swendeman/Townsquare Media

The drink is called 'Boost' and unless you try it, it's hard to describe the taste. The problem is, not many in NJ know about it because it is only sold in a very specific section of the state.

Dennis had never heard of 'Boost' until he went to visit a friend in Riverside NJ and the friend asked him to try it. When Dennis later moved to NJ, he got to try it more often because he lived in the section of NJ where the magical drink was sold.

Believe it or not, out of 566 towns in NJ, 'Boost' is only sold in 18 of them. So what's the deal with this amazingly guarded secret?

This video below, created by Dean and Nicole Greco, reveals the truth about 'Boost' and gives you a history of the secretive drink that only a small group of NJ residents know about. You can also learn more about Boost at focusonthegood.com. Thanks to Dean and Nicole for sending this along to us to spread the word.