My local K-Mart is now gone. My PathMark has been gone for over a year. Both of these were favorite shopping destinations...and better yet, they were both within walking distance.

A few weeks ago, I wrote here at that my K-Mart was closing. Now, the lights are out, and the doors are locked.

In conversation with neighbors, we all feel that this store location will be empty for a long time.  Not only isn't it the greatest location, but there is a Walmart in the next town over.  So, who else could/would come in?

My PathMark has been empty for over a year. And while the latest news is that a contract has been signed by Weis Supermarkets, they want to do extensive renovations before opening. Nothing has happened yet, and word is that the earliest opening date is either at the end of this year, or early in 2013.

Thats whats happening--or not happening--in my neighborhood.  Times are tough! Which begs the question: What stores/favorite businesses of yours have closed their doors? And, what would you like to see take their place?

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