It took years of promises, proposals and re-writing of bills to come up with a law to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey...and they f#%$ed it up, big-time. They even punted the ball to the voters to officially sanction the law.

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All they had to do, after years of examining other states laws, debating how much to tax, etc., and they passed a law that is so royally screwed up. The state's Attorney General is afraid is it may lead to more underage abuse and tying the hands of police in a way that is unprecedented anywhere in the world. It's even prompted him to use a term many of us haven't heard before..."de-policing." That doesn't sound good.

If could leave police vulnerable to all kinds of trouble in handling minors suspected of or even caught with weed if the officer even asks the wrong question. This law is so totally messed up dude, that the people in Trenton who worked on it, wrote it and passed it must have been high or just so totally done with trying to make it palatable for Governor Murphy.

The king wanted to make sure it punished underage users but still somehow came of as a "social justice" kind of law to satisfy his usual pandering requirements. The result...something that no one, except for the common street dealer, is happy with. This gives black market weed dealers more time to cash in on the illegal trade and reinforce stronger customer relations with their clientele.

No matter how high you try to get, you wouldn't be able to make this kind of sh#@ up!

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