TRENTON — Weedman's latest foe is Starbucks, after a name change to his restaurant.

According to a letter from Russell W. Jacobs, the chain's corporate counsel, posted on Ed Forchion's Facebook page, Starbucks has taken note of the logo at Weedman’s renamed Trenton restaurant, now called Weedbukx.

Starbucks logo at their Pennington store (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

"We trust that you will take care of having this problematic signage removed. We thank you for your assistance and look forward to receiving your written confirmation of the removal of the signage by May 10, 2017," read the letter.

Forchion's girlfriend and business partner Debi Madaio, who has been posting on his behalf while he serves time at the Mercer County Jail on witness tampering charges, wrote that that sign was moved inside. Madaio admitted in her replies the name change was done as a publicity stunt that was "effective" and a "joke," and said only one sign was made.

"He was surprised so many people took it seriously," Madaio wrote.

There is no Starbucks location within Trenton's city limits.

The charges against Forchion stem from a raid narcotics officers executed at his Trenton eatery, NJ Weedman's Joint. Forchion streamed his arrest live on Facebook and has denied the charges.

Mercer County Assistant Prosecutor Stephanie Katz argued that Forchion was putting the informant at risk by spreading his name on social media. But Forchion stated that he never intended to intimidate the informant.

Superior Court Judge Peter Warshaw said he believes Forchion would continue if he had access to the internet.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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