Restaurants across New Jersey are trying to become more personalized in the service of their customers as they look for ways to get people in the door! So whether you're dining at an exclusive restaurant or a chain, we've got tips on how you can upgrade your experience and get the VIP treatment while dining.

For the most part, all the articles we found on this topic agree on one thing ... be nice to the staff! But good manners will only take you so far, so we turned to two articles - one in Grub Street and the other in Lifehacker  - to get the scoop on what else patrons can do. Asking for suggestions, stacking your requests, and minding your manners are all things that might get you a better experience.

And even if you aren't looking for the VIP treatment, you might at least want to make sure you aren't doing anything that your server might find annoying. For that list we turned to an article published in City Lab in 2015. The article lists nearly 10 things that patrons do that annoy restaurant workers. Let's hope you don't find anything on the list that you can relate to!

If you're a server working in New Jersey, and you have tips for how restaurant patrons can get better service, let us know by emailing us at

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