Divorced, with a kid and dating … that can be a tricky situation for sure. And while the rules may differ for each person, there are some things that women with kids should keep in mind when entering the dating scene for the first time after a divorce. According to a Huffington Post article, there are eight guidelines that women should consider following. These include:

  • Don't move too quick to introduce your kids to the new man in your life
  • Don't seek out a replacement parent for your kids
  • Be honest with your new guy on where and what your priorities are

But what if you're not the one with kids, but your new boyfriend is? Well, according to another article published in the Huffington Post, there are six things you must find out. Do any of them ring true for you?

New Jersey 101.5 News Anchor Jen Ursillo joins us to discuss her experiences as a divorced mom of one, out on the dating scene. We go over how not to fall into a permissive parent trap and the way experts say to plot your course, if this is the one you're on. It's an insightful, hopeful and a funny look into a real life situation.

Are you dating as a divorced mom? Let us know what you find works for you and what doesn't, by emailing us a forever39@nj1015.com.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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