My friend Dave had a little road rage incident this weekend. It happened on the mean streets of Branchburg. (Well, mean when you run into deer with major anger issues.)

He was driving near his home just minding his own business when two brazen deer decided he wasn't going anywhere. Now keep in mind when you watch this short clip that this deer/car standoff obviously went on quite awhile before he thought about pulling out his phone and documenting it. By the time the video starts, the lead deer is still just staring Dave down.

Think DeNiro in Taxi Driver. "I'm standin' here, you make the move. You make the move. It's your move. You talkin' to me?"

Now what you need to know about Dave Zubia is he's a tough Pennsylvania-raised man. A man's man. There's not a power tool he can't handle nor a deer he couldn't tackle like Chuck Norris on amphetamines IF he wanted to. But he's also a reasonable guy. He just wanted these cocky deer to get the heck out of the road.

For stupid copyright infringement reasons we had to mute the audio (that's because "Rainy Night In Georgia" is playing on Dave's sound system and we can't legally have that in this video, dumb, I know. Like Brook Benton's heirs would really hunt us down and sue us.) But take my word for it at the point you see the deer's ears twitch and its body jump a little is when Dave blew his horn. And look how these things still stood their ground!

Are deer so used to humans that they've not only lost all fear they're now building resentment and aggression? Only when he inched forward once again did they finally decide to move on. At least the deer in front did. Watch the second deer retake his position briefly to have another run at keeping my friend from his day. These deer are showing some major Jersey 'tude.

I'm afraid this isn't over. They clearly got a long, hard look at Dave. They're going to remember that face. They'll be back someday soon, and with reinforcements. Is there a bad movie in this? If the producers of Sharknado want Dave's phone number tell them to contact me.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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