If perception is reality in politics, then Robert Mueller's testimony Wednesday is a huge problem for Democrats. Sure we can have New Jersey politicians like Gov. Murphy continue to portray Trump as evil and racist over his immigration policy and U.S. Sen. Cory Booker go on television and say how he'd like to punch the president in the mouth. But none of that sideshow can take away from the fact that Robert Mueller looked terrible.

Take for instance these five minutes of his testimony before Congress when being questioned by Rep. Louie Gohmert.

Gohmert is a Republican from Texas and looked every bit the skilled special counsel that Mueller is supposed to be. In gaming it's been called being pwned. And I would say Mueller isn't leveling up any time soon.

Chris Wallace during Fox's news coverage said, "I think this has been a disaster for the Democrats and I think it's been a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller. He has seemed very uncertain with his brief. He doesn't seem to know things that are in the report. Over and over Mueller just sits silent and allows the attacks from the Republicans to sweep over him and says nothing."

Granted, this is from someone working for Fox. But seeing some of the coverage (admittedly not all) I would have to agree with him. What's to be gained from the Mueller testimony? Was there hope for a sway of public opinion to pursue impeachment? To what end? With the next election less than 16 months away that would be ludicrous. The public knows about all it needs to know about this president. The Mueller report was released. If the public decides it can do better their chance is in November of 2020. Sometimes we need to stop fighting and work on things that matter.

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