Here are two real life New Jersey heroes. Two good Samaritans captured on video pulling an unconscious driver from a smoking car.

The video was shot by a dash cam from the car of a responding police officer. The rescue took place Sunday at the corner of Salem and Sunset Roads in Burlington Township, according to the Burlington Police. CBS Philly reports the car, driven by a 52 year old man, struck a fire hydrant, did a 180, and came to rest in the grass on the other side of the street.

When the officer arrived on the scene, she observed two men, identified as Larry Scott and Domenique Golden, pulling the unconscious driver from the smoldering car just before it went up in flames. Scott told CBS 3 that he yelled at the man to get out, but he was unresponsive, so while the smoke was billowing he opened the door and took off the driver’s seat belt. Golden said he had to pry the man’s fingers off the steering wheel before they could pull him out of the car. The driver’s eyes had rolled back in his head and they were afraid he was having a seizure. He was later taken to Cooper Hospital in stable condition.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash. The Burlington Township Police Department gave a salute and a big “thank You” to the two heroes. If you watch the video above all the way until the end, there is also some rather dramatic video of firefighters putting out the burning car.

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