Every weekend in October as the sun starts to set on the Garden State, an amazing event is taking place in Jackson New Jersey at Six Flags Great Adventure.  It is called 'The Awakening,' part of the park's Fright Fest and if you think you've seen a great opening ceremony for an event, think again because you haven't 'lived' until you've watched The Awakening live in person.

The Awakening begins with a creepy procession down the center of the park that ends with the rising of the Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Fright. The ghoulish Dr awakens every night at sundown to unleash his mayhem and terror upon the park and the unsuspecting guests.

Once the zombies and other monsters have been released to cause their mayhem, it's party time! It's the biggest party in the park and it is known as Dead Man's Party which you get invited to. It is an awesome show of ghoulish music and dancing that everyone can enjoy.

NJ1015 was fortunate to have an up close and personal look at both The Awakening and Dead Man's Party. We were fortunate enough to escape with our lives and we have the footage to prove it! You can watch some of the great footage from both events in one video below.