🔴 Edward Berbon was due to be released from prison in February

🔴 He was living in a transitional facility in Camden

🔴 He has a history of committing crimes


Edward Berbon is still on the run after walking away from a work detail in Mount Laurel Saturday.

The 54-year-old was working in Mount Laurel Saturday and failed to return to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley's Hope Hall work release program where he was living.

Berbon was staying at the residential facility in preparation for his scheduled release from prison in February.

Where is Edward Berbon?

Mount Laurel police said they do not believe Berbon is in the township.

Department of Corrections spokeswoman Amy Z. Quinn told New Jersey 101.5 the agency's Special Investigation Division Fugitive Unit is coordinating with other law enforcement agencies as necessary to find Berbon. Quinn did not disclose where they believe Berbon may be.

Edward Berbon criminal record

Berbon had previously served prison sentences for theft and robbery. He attacked his parents at their home in Hamilton Township, Mercer County, in July 2004, just hours after he had been released from prison. It remains unclear what spurred those attacks.

Both parents survived.

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