The music group "WAR" has its roots in the 1960s, but really hit its stride in the 1970s. This Southern California, ethnically diverse, group freely blends sounds derived from soul, latin, jazz, blues, rock and reggae into mainstream radio hits.

Founding member, and keyboardist, Lonnie Jordan recently gave the group's fans some new, insider information about two of WAR's top hits!

"Summer" (#7/1976), one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits" is musically related to a Burger King commercial of the 1970s! Lonnie explains that musicians and songwriters borrow ideas from each other all the time. He states that while the band was recording, he would often run to the fast food chain for a burger for lunch. He heard the commercial one day, and lifted the musical hook: "Have it your way...have it your way," from the commercial jingle.  It also happened to be a hot day! Ah....inspiration!

"Summer," which mentions Atlantic City, becomes a part of top-40 radio history!

Jordan further states that their hit "Why Can't We Be Friends" (#6/1975) was inspired by the concert goers! "WAR's" musical diversity inspires audience diversity, each with their own favorite songs, based on song types. Lonnie states that sometimes fights would break out over favorites, and "Why Can't We Be Friends" was a result of "all that drama."

Where did the group name come from? "WAR" came out of the Vietnam era, and Lonnie Jordan states that the group was waging war against war. In other words, wanting peace.

"WAR" is still active, with several original members. They are touring this year. What else is the band up to? Click here for WAR's Official Band Website!