It's hard to believe that we're in the middle of August. In just a few weeks, the kids head back to school and many of us will be back into our routines. But what about that getaway?

Do you unplug on vacation?

Did you get a chance to have some time off? What about that family vacation? Don't fret.

Believe it or not, if you're on a budget, the best time to go away is actually when the Summer ends and the Fall begins.

Eileen Ogintz is the founder of the web site She tells us when the season is over, many hotels and destinations offer deep discounts and lower prices to entice a second season. This goes for airfares and restaurants as well.

Ogintz says, "Getting kids involved in itinerary planning will help to ensure that there will be something fun planned for every member of the family. Also, proper meal planning, like staying someplace with a kitchen or a hotel that serves free breakfast, will help families stay within budget."

When it comes to your travel getaway, you don't always have to do Disney or some elaborate trip.

Ogintz explains, "The Fall is the time when even a couple of hours in the car to get to a destination can spell fun. This could be a day trip to apple pick, pumpkin pick, sight see in our nation's capital or even a trip to one of the many state and county parks."

There are other benefits to going away between the months of September and December. The amount of crowds is reduced greatly and it won't be so hot.

But what about taking the kids out of school for a trip? Ogintz suggests "waiting till they've had a few weeks in the classroom before considering it. It's ok to do - but don't make it a habit for the school year. Once is ok and make sure they can make up the work they've missed."

Because prices are constantly changing and offers are usually easy to spot, Ogintz recommends keeping your eyes glued to travel sites like, and

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