The number of businesses and industries that were negatively affected by the pandemic is significant. We’ve discussed many of those businesses here on the New Jersey 101.5’s website.

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One industry that is making a killing is the RV industry. RVs were typically reserved for those retirees who want to pack up the Winnebago and head down to Florida, stopping to see the grand kids on the way there.

I’m a big fan of RV’s but I like the 45’ diesel pusher that has the big engine and glides down the highway. I have slowly but surely grown a disgust for air travel. It has become worse than traveling by bus. As a result, I enjoy gassing up my SUV or renting an RV and heading to where I want to go, traveling with what I want to eat and drink in my refrigerator and always having a bathroom at my disposal. With an RV I have a place for a great nap when I’m tired and the ability to make a cup of coffee when I’m ready to hit the road. As a result I am more refreshed and I enjoy the trip. I love to drive and check out the scenery. I have driven across the country and have seen some amazing things. For me it’s a great way to see the country.

During the pandemic with air travel restricted, hotel rooms being scarce, RV’s make sense. New numbers are out that show the increase in RV sales are through the roof and that 40 – 50% of the new sales have been purchased by millennials which is a 100% increase in sales for the demographic. 50 to 80% of those buying RV’s are first time RV buyers. According to RV Industry Association some area sales are up 170% from this time of year to year.

Many are trading in their previously owned RV’s and getting top dollar and turning around with an RV upgrade. Used inventory is at a premium and many new orders for RV’s have delays in getting them filled. At the time that the pandemic hit diesel prices were here in New Jersey was hovering around $2.45 a gallon today the New Jersey Average is $3.20 a gallon. That price may slow down sales as most large RV’s average 5 – 7 miles per gallon.

More are switching to RV’s and more are enjoying the trip. If you’re heading down the road good luck and drive safe.

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