A Wall Twp. band is pioneering a homemade solar-powered mobile recording studio at their favorite New Jersey spots in a new video project.

"Everybody has one mindset about what a recording studio should be, and it was just starting to make me sick," Kevin Grossman, 23, says.

The concept for an outdoor, mobile-recording unit was born when Grossman wanted to find a way to combine doing all the things he loved.

"I love music, and I love technology, and hanging out," he says.

Grossman and long-time friends James McCaffrey, 25 and Randy Preson, 23, all of Wall Twp. perform together in a band called Karmic Juggernaut.

"We play all around regionally, in New Jersey," McCaffrey says, "Asbury Park, it's kind of our home base."

Grossman set out to create the solar-powered mobile recording unit a little more than a year ago. After doing a lot of research, and with some help from his father, who's an electrician, the unit was completed and "Sun Lab Studio" was born.

Next, they brought long-time friend JR Skola, 26, of Brooklyn into the project to help with the video because he has experience filming.

"Kevin came to me with this idea, and I was just all about it from the beginning," filmmaker Skola said.

In the video, the band members record themselves using the solar-powered unit in iconic New Jersey places.

Some recognizable spots from the video include Sandy Hook, Belmar beach, the old Casino building in Asbury Park, Monmouth Battlefield, Allaire State Park, and Pat's 30 Acres in Wall.

"We did the bass on Sandy Hook, " McCaffrey says, "It's one of our favorite parts not only in New Jersey but in the world."

"Kevin and James knew a lot of spots to film locally," Skola says. He adds that the band stayed local out of necessity but also, "We didn't see a need to go beyond New Jersey. There are so many good places locally."