In another example of animal activist lunacy, people are protesting the opening of a great new interactive aquarium slated to open in New Jersey, reports.

If you’ve ever dreamed of snorkeling with stingrays, petting snakes, lizards and sharks, or just hanging out and viewing 300 species of aquatic animals, then seaQuest is going to be the place for you. It operates aquariums in five other states and is now planning to open a location in Woodbridge Center Mall.

But animal activists and protesters are not happy about this. About eight activists stood at a busy intersection near the mall holding signs that said “captivity kills." Equally disturbing, passing drivers honked their horns in solidarity with the protesters.

Those opposed to the aquarium say that sea animals belong in the ocean, where they are free to roam for miles, instead of being trapped in a comparatively small tank. Demonstrator Maha Raman, of Monroe Township, told animals have human-like emotions and experience things like love, loneliness, and depression. This, of course, is highly unlikely.

Therefore, she said, they should be allowed to stay in their natural habitats with their families.

“It’s trafficking," Raman said. "Its imprisonment.”

Of course scientists, ethicists and other sane people have never been able to prove that animals actually feel any emotion, but animal wackos have long ascribed human feelings to animals.

Fish don’t know they’re in an aquarium.

They’re not sad about it.

They don’t kiss their families.

They’re not people.

But animal (and fish) people refuse to see it.

Please let’s stop the insanity and allow families to have this fun, positive and harmless experience. Because humans are, in fact, more important than fish.

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