Billy Anderson has been a solid guy all his life. A true Jersey guy, he’s a lifelong resident of Freehold Borough. So is his wife, Pegeen. He’s a hard-working union carpenter. And for many years served as a volunteer firefighter in town. The kind of guy who helped everyone else and asked nothing for himself.

Well, I’m going to ask for him.

You see, his son Drew contacted me. Billy, his dad, this solid Jersey guy, has fought and beat cancer 7 times since 2009. He’s fought through many surgeries, dealt with countless rounds of chemotherapy, and 40 rounds of radiation. He’s been through hell.

One of the side effects has been necrosis of the jaw. Basically it’s deteriorating. He endured a 10-hour surgery that necessitated a tracheotomy and a feeding tube and he’s recovering for two weeks in ICU. He’s halfway through his hospital stay as I write this.

He’ll have a long nearly half-year recovery when he gets released. He and his wife’s savings are gone, 401(k) wiped out and their bills are piling up.

If you could help here’s a GoFundMe set up taking donations. I just donated myself. Anything you could afford would be kind. They need help after he’s helped so many others. And his wife has several autoimmune diseases that leave her in a wheelchair.

His son Drew loves his dad very much. He’s delivering for Door Dash trying to make ends meet and he’s constantly updating his Facebook about trying to help his father.

Please don’t just blow this off. If there’s anything you could spare, even five bucks, they could truly use it. If you could share this on all your social media that would be great, too.

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