As New Jersey struggles to meet demand for COVID vaccine, the rich and privileged got theirs at a Hunterdon Hospital.

New Jersey 101.5 Exclusive - A whistleblower provided documents to New Jersey 101.5 detailing who was getting the vaccine at Hunterdon Medical Center in December when access was limited to front-line healthcare workers and nursing home residents. The list is a who's who of the rich, the well-connected, big donors and their families connected to the hospital. You can read Erin Vogt's exclusive story here.

In other vaccine news:

No vaccine for pregnant women - The World Health Organization is now recommending pregnant women should not receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. The WHO says not enough is known about the possible impact, and more study is needed. They did, however, say expectant women who are at high risk of exposure to COVID should still get inoculated. That includes first responders and front-line healthcare workers.

More vaccine coming from the fed - President Biden is promising to increase the vaccine supply to individual states by hundreds of thousands of doses per month. Biden says states can expect a 15% increase in vaccine supply, as well as a better forecast of when those doses will arrive so they can better coordinate distribution. The administration goal remains 300 million Americans vaccinated by the end of summer.

Second dose scheduling - Health officials in Gloucester County say those getting vaccinated at the Rowan College mega-site will leave with their second dose already scheduled. Many had complained they were told they had to go back on-line to schedule their second dose. Anyone who has tried to schedule knows even if you can find an appointment, it is often months away. The second dose has to be given 3-4 weeks after the first for maximum protection.

Mask mandate remains - State health officials say even once you've had both doses of the COVID vaccine, you still need to wear a mask. There remain questions about how long vaccine protections will last. Researchers have also not been able to offer definitive data on whether you can still transmit the virus even if you've been vaccinated.

COVID mutations drive spread - A new variant, first discovered in Brazil, has been confirmed in the U.S. The CDC is racing to keep up with these mutations, including ones from the U.K. and South Africa, that appear to spread more easily. Scientists believe the virus is adapting to survive, and some variant of it will be with us for forever.

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