The assumption in New Jersey is that the best part of being a teacher is July and August. That's the time when we presume they do nothing but sit around and take vacations. While some may do that, many do not.

Union High School teacher Nicholas Ferroni, a NJ kid born and raised, a Rutgers grad and now a veteran NJ public school teacher, has set out to change that narrative with his, "No Summers Off" project. He is also recognized as one of the most influential educators in America.

"Whenever increasing teacher pay comes up in discussion, the critics always bring up a commonly accepted myth is that teachers have summers off, but it couldn't be further from the truth," Ferroni said. "So, to help dispel this myth, I wanted to do a campaign where teachers from across the country share what they actually do over the summer. On top of working second and even third jobs, teachers are doing various school related activities and most of which are unpaid or that they have to pay for out of their own pockets."

Ferroni is not seeking kudos or sympathy for teachers, just trying to set the record straight on what they do in their "time off" to get better for their "time on" the job.

"Again, this is not for pity or for sympathy, but just to shed light on all that teachers do in order to remain teachers because they care about their profession and students so much. It breaks my heart that teachers give so much to their students and schools, then have to break their backs doing additional work in order to survive, not live fancy lifestyles, but to survive. Teaching is one of the most important jobs that is so underpaid that teachers have to work extra jobs so they can continue doing their first and most crucial job."

Here are some of the responses Ferroni received when he tweeted out the question:

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