It's been 20 years since New Jersey's own Kevin Spacey starred in the movie "Pay It Forward," which started a national movement of people performing random acts of kindness for others in need. It's long been a tradition in New Jersey where people here have been paying it forward for years, especially when times get tough. Could they be any tougher? How many of us both helped and were helped through the recent power outage with things like sharing your refrigerator with someone who would otherwise have to throw out their food or medicine.

"Effective immediately...if you or someone you know are currently unemployed and seeking employment (due to the pandemic or not) - The UPS Store of Summit will print up to 5 resumes (on resume grade paper) and also scan your paper resume to pdf so that you email it, upload, etc. FREE OF CHARGE, no questions asked. Just give us a call or stop in and we'll take care of it for you."

These random acts of kindness shouldn't go unnoticed so I asked for some stories of New Jersey people both paying it forward and having it paid forward for themselves. As you read these you'll feel better about both New Jersey and the people you share the world with. My hope is that if you're ever in a position to help someone, you'll do it, and if you're ever in need, someone will do it for you.

New Jerseyans paying it forward

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