The woman who paid it forward by picking up the diner tab for another couple and World War II vet has been found and thanked by that couple. Susan Andersen Pense was having dinner with her husband and 94-year-old father, World War II veteran Carlo Andersen, when the woman picked up the tab.

She came on my show on New Jersey 101.5 to talk about what had happened:

"Her name is Rachel and she responded to me on Facebook saying, 'she felt privileged and to give me Dad a big hug and he's part of a tough-ass generation.' It was very sweet."

Pense talking about her father said: "He's thrilled, he loves to tell his stories he was in the Coast Guard and very proud of his service."

Pense said her father wasn't the only WWII vet in the room: "By sheer coincidence, there were two other World War 2 vets there, there's not too many of them left."

Pense said of Rachel, "It's so nice to have people do nice things for someone, I don't know her, I never met her before."

As for what happened Pense said, "I spilled my drink first knocked it over, then he [her father] spilled his and the New Monmouth staff was great, they took care of us."

"It was just very sweet, it's just nice to see somebody do something kind for somebody else."

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