As you know, we've been following the progress of the lawsuit filed against the governor, health commissioner and education commissioner to unmask school kids.

NJ attorney Bruce Afran joined me on Friday morning to share that earlier this week the governor's attorney refused the request from the plaintiffs to disclose the information they used to justify Executive Order 251 which mandated schools require all kids to wear a mask all day.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that I have shared from scientists and doctors over the past year illustrating the physical and psychological harm mask wearing may cause, and despite the fact that when comparing mask-mandated areas to non-mask areas, the spread is virtually the same — this includes the comprehensive Danish Study that explained why you should not rely on masks to stop community spread, the government persists.

Now they refuse to share any data to justify the decision and have been called out in court. Afran's team has a decision to make. Either fight in court to compel the release of information or go for the win early to stop the mask mandate.

Hear Bruce explain why he's leaning toward getting the information even though it will delay a decision for a couple weeks.

Thanks to Bruce Afran and other NJ attorneys fighting back against unethical, unconstitutional, immoral and un-American mandates; including Dana Wefer and John Coyle.

Stay tuned, the war is just getting started.

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