Last year, when Artie Lange visited New Jersey 101.5 he talked about how he never made the Union High School Hall of Fame despite being the most famous person to come out of the school. Take that, Ray Liotta!

Last week, when Artie was in the New Jersey 101.5 studio with Steve Trevelise, Union High teacher Nick Ferroni called in vowing to change all that.

"Just so you know I am officially in charge of the Union High School Hall Of Fame and Artie you are my priority," Ferroni said. "You're going to be the first person that I put in."

Lange attended Union High School, during which he played baseball and became an all-county third baseman. His poor grades required him to attend summer school in order to graduate. When he first came on my show he talked about the time he went back to Union High School, where he should be in their Hall Of Fame, and raised $73,000 for the family of a fireman that he knew who had died.

One of Lange's biggest influences at Union High was teacher Ed "Weez" Wieczezak who inspired him to turn to comedy. Artie once had both 'Weez" and Ferroni on his Artie Lange show. Ferroni sees how Artie can inspire other students, saying:

"I always say some perceived misbehaviors are a students greatest assets and I always tell the story of how Edward Wieczak inspired you to become a history teacher and he was one of the few teachers to support your talents and your skills and give you that platform."

Artie responded by saying, "Some teachers they don't influence you at all. Every other teacher would kick me out, give me detention, I got suspended. He [Wieczezak] said I know how to take this energy I had in my humor to make me learn and make other people learn."

Artie's always been about helping others despite all that he's been through with his addiction. Putting him in the Union High School Hall of Fame is one way to show the students who may not feel they fit in or who have special talents that they can make it to and through adversity if need be.

You can get tickets for Artie's tour here.

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