Paging agents Mulder and Scully: Left something behind?

State Park Police investigated the discovery of an very low-tech “UFO Detector Site” in Wharton State Forest on Friday.

The device made up of a block of wood with a headphone wire and a soup can was found by hikers near Saw Dust Pile Road in Tabernacle, according to State Park police.

A small flag on the device read "UFO Detector Site #448," DEP spokeswoman Caryn Shinske told New Jersey 101.5.

An explosive detecting K-9 named Prime sniffed out the device, deeming it safe.

State Park police said that any suspicious object found on DEP property should be reported by calling 877-WARN-DEP.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there were more than 100 sightings in New Jersey in 2020 lasting from a 3-second "ball of light" over Southampton to a cigar shaped object with a red eye four hours over Vineland.

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