The Bottom Line

Our weather pattern remains pretty stagnant and stable. So the forecast contains very few changes through the rest of the week. Sure, we'll talk about the implications of an on-shore breeze. And there could be a few raindrops on Wednesday and this weekend. And both temperatures and humidity levels will slowly rise by the end of the week. Otherwise, quiet, comfortable, and pleasant.


One big difference in Tuesday's weather compared to Monday's is the introduction of a prominent northeasterly breeze, blowing up to 20 mph. That is in the "breezy" category. And the wind will churn up the ocean a bit, raising rough surf and rip current concerns.

Other than that, we'll fare just fine Tuesday. Morning temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. (Close to 70 degrees along the coast, due to that ocean breeze.) High temperatures will reach about 80 degrees, hovering just a few degrees below normal for mid-August.

Skies will average partly sunny. And humidity stays nice and low. The chance of a popup shower is very low, although not zero.

A little breeze will likely continue Tuesday night, keeping the air stirred up. Therefore, I expect to see more temperatures in the 60s rather than 50s overnight. Most lows will dip into the lower to mid 60s.


There is a rain chance in the forecast. But no washout or soaker. (In fact, these raindrops will be so insignificant, I have even left the "rain" icon off my 5 Day Forecast.)

We'll see mixed periods of sun and clouds throughout Wednesday. High temperatures will be similar to the rest of the week, in the lower 80s.

A few showers may clip New Jersey from the north late-day. Best chance will be the early evening hours, around dinnertime. And, as you might guess, raindrops are most likely in North Jersey. (Although some models do push showers and drizzle into central and even southern New Jersey.) No matter what happens, rainfall totals will be light — only a tenth of an inch, at the most.


Thursday looks like a nice summer day. Mostly sunny skies. High temperatures in the seasonable mid 80s. And a dew point no higher than 60.

We have been talking a lot about drought, and our ever-increasing need for serious rainfall. But we can't complain too much about pleasant, "normal" summer weather too.


By the end of the week, our weather is going to turn noticeably warmer and stickier. But nothing extreme, like our previous heat waves.

Highs on Friday will push to about 85 to 90 degrees. Dew points will push into the 60s too, so it will feel sticky (not necessarily steamy or tropical though). Abundant sunshine early on will give way to late-day clouds. The day looks dry.

The Weekend & Beyond

I have had so many people reach out to ask about this weekend's rain chances. As you know, I only publish a 5 Day Forecast here. That is deliberate. Beyond five days, forecast skill and accuracy goes way down. (And sometimes, even that is a stretch.)

The weekend is just starting to come into better focus. And, unsurprisingly, the threat of a soaker, a washout, or a drought-buster is very low. Latest model guidance suggests we'll see a few showers, centered on Saturday. But I think your plans are very much still intact for now.

We'll "watch the wiggle" of that storm system through the rest of the week, in case rain becomes more prominent. For now, I'm seeing a mix of sun and clouds for both Saturday and Sunday, with highs in the mid 80s or higher.

Next chance for substantial rain now pushes to Monday-Tuesday of next week. Remember, a sliver of NJ is now classified in "Severe Drought" so we really need some serious rain soon.

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecast and realtime weather updates.

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