Tens of thousands of New Jersey families have made a decision to claim a medical exemption in order to allow their kids to attend school without all the required vaccinations.

I'm a pro-vaccination guy, right up to the annual flu shot, but this issue really got me going.

First of all, there is NO public health crisis regarding disease outbreaks in New Jersey because of some families who choose not to vaccinate their kids. There IS a public health crisis in California as Left-Wing Social Justice 'warriors' continue to attack the infrastructure of civilization by allowing homeless people to occupy the public square using sidewalks and parks as their personal restrooms. But that's another story and another state.

It may impact us here in the Garden State at some point, but public health is simply not being endangered with a few families scattered across New Jersey opting out of certain vaccines.

First of all, there is a risk connected with the regimen of vaccines prescribed by the medical community. There may be however a risk to your child if you get them vaccinated. Did you know that the risk is so real there is a compensation fund set up by our government to payout to families who have kids injured by vaccines? That fund has paid out more than FOUR BILLION dollars so far.

We had a caller on Monday who really summed up the opposition to the bill best, "Where there is risk, there should be consent". Caller Kay in Point Pleasant had the line of the morning.

I'm pro-vaccine and believe that parents should really think hard about not getting their kids vaccinated. But the push for this new law by bullies like Steve Sweeney, who literally removed committee members who weren't going to vote for the bill last week, is based on emotion and not fact. The facts favor the opposition on this one and it's time for Trenton politicians to back off.

We have to preserve religious liberty for the good of our entire society. Even if you are in favor of vaccines, allowing politicians to come between a parent and their kid and parents and their doctors is an overreach at best. At worst, it's the result of a concerted effort among politicians to erode the family unit and replace parenting with government bureaucrats.

I want to thank my friend and NJ 101.5 midday host Dennis Malloy for taking time on his day off to join the show in the morning to voice his opposition to what Trenton is pushing.

I also want to thank Robin Stavolo who tragically lost her daughter Holly to a complication from a vaccine at the age of 5.

Thank you to all the parents who took time out of their day, many taking a vacation day from work, to speak out on behalf of parents at the State House on Monday.

Again, this is about choice. Parents have to be able to make informed choices on behalf of their kids. This is not about medicine and the need for vaccines. This issue is about how much power New Jerseyans are willing to give government over their own kids. I say enough is enough. Fight back.

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