TRENTON -- The city has launched an app that gives homeless youth ages in the area access to resources including food, jobs, legal services and education.

Trenton Mayor, Reed Gusciora said the app called WIN -- What I Need -- is only available in Trenton and Los Angeles. It's targeted at users 16 to 24 years old, and comes from a partnership with Our Children LA, a California-based non-profit that helped develop the app to address homeless youth in Mercer County.

Gusciora said it's estimated that there are about 200 homeless youth in the Trenton-greater area. This app would provide a direct link to those young people to help provide shelter, food, crisis management, health care, education, jobs, transit, legal counseling and other services.

So for example, if someone pressed the health button on the app, it provides a search of free health care in the Trenton area. If someone pressed food, a list would pop up of what non-profits are serving free meals that day.

"It's a way for homeless youth staying in touch and being able to readily have those social services that can help them get back on their feet," Gusciora said.

He said the WIN app launched a few weeks ago and has generated a great response so far.

The WIN App is available for iPhones (or other iOS devices), and for Android devices.

Young people without cellphones can access services at locations including libraries, City Hall and county social agencies. But Gusciora stressed that the app provides 12 different aspects of social services.

He encouraged people to download the app even if they are not in need of these services, so they can help connect others with services.

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